Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Eve

Sorry I'm a little behind on my blogging. I've been so busy eating, sleeping and being feed that I hardly have time for anything else these days. Christmas Eve seemed just like any other day to me, but my Mommy and Daddy seemed to think it was special. Grandma T and Uncle Todd came over and played with me and I got a few presents, but the only thing that really captured my attention was the ripping of the paper. I can always hear paper tearing for some reason. I really love my Christaning Gown, savings bond and the new Baby Huggums doll. I was so hungry that I tried to eat Baby Huggums, but Daddy stopped me before I got too far, saying that back in 1988 (when Great Grandma Helen purchased it for me) there was still lead in paint. Evidently that's bad for you ... go figure. I had to got to bed early because Saint Nick was suppose to come that night, but before going to bed we read the Night Before Christmas. I didn't understand a darn word, but I liked the pictures.



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