Sunday, January 13, 2008

My first friend

I finally got to meet my first friend this past weekend. Brody Lee is two days younger then me and the son of Mommy and Daddy's good friends Krissy and Tony. This was the first time outside of the hospital that I've not been the youngest one in the room, Brody was born three days after me. He's pretty cute, and while my Daddy says it was not, I agree with my Mommy that this was my first date ... play date that is. I think Brody and I are going to be very good friends.

As the pictures show Brody is quite the ladies man, but I had to bonk him on the head to wake him up. I can't wait to go back over to his house and play with all his toys.
I'm approaching my one month birthday, so my Mom and Dad are going to be making me take pictures with the "1 Month" sign I've recently seen show up around the house. Oh boy, can't wait for this one. I suppose that'll be the subject of my next post. Until then, hope you all take care and remember, if your parents don't come running on your first cry ... cry louder!

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