Monday, February 18, 2008

My First Trip to Iowa

Last weekend I took my first trip out of Kansas City. We went to Ankeny, Iowa to visit my Daddy's family. As you can see in the pictures, Mommy and Daddy packed so much stuff I wasn't sure they were going to have room for me in the car. This was the first time I had the opportunity to meet Grandma B and it was fun to see Grandpa and my Aunt, Uncles and cousins again. Unfortunately, our visit was cut short due to anticipated ice and blizzard conditions in the area on Sunday. I was hoping to stay and play in the snow with Corrine and Gwyneth, but Mommy and Daddy said we had to get home (they are such party poopers).

Grandma was excited to see me and barely let me get into the door on Friday night before sweeping me up into her arms. That's okay, I enjoyed it. Corrine and Gwyneth played with me on Saturday and I got to see Corrine play in her basketball game later that day. She's really good. Then I went to sleep Saturday night and woke up again to find that I was at home in a 95 degree house. I thought it felt good, but Mommy and Daddy were complaining, saying it felt like a sauna. Rather than listen to them complain, I just had my snack and went back to sleep.

I can't wait to get back up there to visit again.

Until next time, Love,


These Iowa People are so welcoming

I was worried there would be no room for me

Me and Grandma.

What do you mean you don't have any more food for me?

Playing with my cousins.

Just hanging with my parents ... while its still okay to be seen with them.


Anonymous said...

My goodness, Catherine Helen, you have changed a lot! I wish you were in Sanbibel with your Nana and me, enjoying the sunshine and swimming pool! I am eager to see you again when I return to Kansas City, Much love, Great Grandma Helen

Auntie Em said...

You were such a gracious guest, Catherine...we would love to have you back anytime. Corinne, Gwyneth, & Grandma B are all counting the days until they can cuddle you again! You can bring Mommy & Daddy, too. :)