Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone. Tomorrow will be my first Easter. I'm excited about dressing up in my new dress and going to Nana's house for Easter dinner. My parents took me to see the Easter Bunny today. He seemed nice, but we'll hold off judgement on that until I see what is left for me tomorrow morning.

Well, I've been a little slow about posting new blogs. My Daddy has been busy getting a new job and he won't let me get on the computer much any more. I guess that's okay, because I've been eating more these days and sleeping longer, so my time awake is pretty limited and I have a lot of playing to do. My parents seem so excited that I sleep for about 12 hours on the weekends. If they wouldn't wake me up during the week, I could probably do it then too. However, my daycare lady Diane has been really great with me. She takes really good care of me while Mommy and Daddy are (as they say ...) "bringing home the bacon." (But I never seem to get any of that bacon!)

Mrs. Diane keeps me entertained during the days and we do lots of fun activities. I've included a few pictures of the Easter party and Easter egg hunt she had. I did pretty good, but there again my Mommy and Daddy ate all the candy I collected. If they pull that stunt during Halloween, we're going to have a problem!

Well Happy Easter. The Good Lord, that has been with me every step of the way, has risen and I am so thankful.




Anonymous said...

Catherine is so adorable. I love checking up on how everyone is doing! Congratulations, she is beautiful!!!!

Lisa Kalell said...

Love reading the blog and seeing how much she has grown/changed over the past few months.

Her expressions are priceless!

Dieta said...

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