Saturday, May 31, 2008

First Royals Game

Well, I thought I might have been the good luck charm that would stop the Royals losing streak, but instead they lost their 12 game last night. That's okay though, because it was the first time I've been to a game, and boy did I have a good time. First off, it was Friday, Buck night at the game (Peanuts, soft drinks and hot dogs ... each for $1) and Fireworks Friday. My friend Kestan and his parents Shannon and Chris joined us at the game. It was certainly a recipe for fun.

After finding our seats I was caught up in all the interesting things to look at and see. There were people everywhere and every now and then they would all of the sudden start making loud noices. It kind of caught me off guard. I thought I was the only one that thought of that trick, to make loud noices all of the sudden for no apparent reason. (Evidently I still have a lot to learn!) Anyway, Daddy caught me a foul ball early in the game. He says it was the first time he's caught a foul ball, but little does he know I'm going to expect him to get me one every time we go to the ballgames now. I was really hungry at this point (because my parents never feed me enough!!!) so I tried eating the ball, but it didn't taste too good.

I also got to see "Slugger" the Lion who is the Royals mascot, and have my picture taken with him. I was a little worried that he would eat me, but for being a Lion, he was very gentle with me. Slugger was throwing out hot dogs near our section and my Mommy caught me one. (Way to go Mom!) I was REALLY hungry by this point, so I just thought I'd dig in. It tasted better than the baseball leather, but still could have used a little ketchup and relish.

I even got a certificate for my first time being at a Royals game, proclaiming that I am an official Royals Fan. Surely with me on their side now, the Royals luck will change soon. Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let me stay until the end of the game to see the fireworks, but I did make it until the 7th inning stretch. I found out this morning that the Royals did indeed lose the game 5 to 4, but regardless I had a great time. (Thank you Aunt Cathy for the the tickets!!!)

Go Royals!



Me and my parents at the ol' ballgame.

Kestan and myself having fun

My friend Kestan in his Royals outfit.

Daddy caught me a foul ball ... good thing it didn't hit me.

Mommy caught me a hot dog. Boy am I hungry!

Finally, something good to eat. What's in this hot dog again?

Slugger sniffing me ...

Slugger preparring to eat me like I'm a slice of pizza.

It's official, I'm a Royals fan now.

Why are all these people looking at me? How do I get my picture on the JumboTran?

Why are all these people making such loud noices?

The 7th inning stretch ... I made it! Why do we have to go home now?

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