Saturday, June 21, 2008

Watch out PV Pool

Hi everyone. I hope you are enjoying summer so far. I'm not sure yet if I like the warm weather better or the cold, but I really enjoy being able to wear clothes without feet in them. It's hard to believe that I turned 6 months old already. Seems like I've known my parents for years!

Well my parents have taken me to the pool a couple times already and I really enjoy the water. I can't wait to be able to slide down the water slides, but Daddy hasn't taken me over there yet. I really like my bikini (thanks Abby and Lance) and my cool shades (thanks Auntie Karen).

I'm also starting to eat more foods. I really like the "sweet" fruits. My parents keep talking about this sweet tooth that I have, but I'm not sure which one they are talking about I only have two teeth. (althought I am getting a third one in as I type). For some reason everyone always wants to see my teeth. I just don't understand their fasination with my teeth.

Here are a few pics from my first pool visit and my six month photo shoot.



Baby steps ... easing into the water

Mommy teaching me the back float

Sunscreen reapplication

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics! keep them coming along with commentary. It's so much fun to read about her activities and watching her grow!

Lisa Kalell