Monday, August 18, 2008

My First Vacation – Colorado

We recently got back from my first big vacation. We drove out to Estes Park, Colorado to stay the week and do some sightseeing and hiking. I had a great time if you don’t count the 10 hours of driving it took to go each way. My parents are too cheap to fly … but I told them, with gas prices the way they are it might make sense to fly. Too which my Dad said, “Catherine you’re right, lets drive the Honda out to Colorado”. So not only did I have less space to move around I had to face the sun during parts of the drive. That’ll teach me to keep my mouth shut … okay, maybe not.

Mommy and Daddy did allow me to get out and stretch my legs from time to time, play and swing at some parks along the way while also stopping to see some interesting sights. (Who knew that King Kong had his own art easel in Western Kansas?)

The first highlight of the trip was my first night in a hotel. Let’s just say that there are no Westin’s or Marriott’s in Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado. As you can see, my parents rigged a contraption that blocked me off from the rest of the room, but it was still fun to be able to jump up and down on the beds and not get in trouble for it. Daddy was sick the first two days in Colorado, so that allowed Mommy and me some time to hang out and see some wild life. I saw a lot of first on this trip. My first deer, elk, hummingbird, fox and mountain.

The elk were rather large, and could probably eat me as a pre-dinner appetizer. We did take several hikes which were fun, and the weather was pretty good, but got hot toward the end of the trip. Daddy even found a church called St. Catherine’s, although I was too tired to wake up to see it. I even got up above 12,000 feet on Alpine ridge and saw the snow. Boy was it cold up there.

On the way home I got to stay in my second hotel in Hayes, Ks. However, I don’t think my parents enjoyed this hotel either. My Mommy was reluctant let me go swimming in the pool at the hotel, but my Daddy talked her into it. It was fun to play in the water and I didn’t catch a disease like my Mom said I would. The other memorable part of the stay at this hotel was waking up and walking around the hotel at 3:30 in the morning and my Daddy complaining about the noisy air conditioning and my Mommy saying something about a cockroach. All in all it was a fun time, and I realized that vacations are all about me for the next several years. (I think my parents now realize that too!)

Now if only I can talk my parents into taking me to some more fun places … maybe that mouse resort park I keep hearing about. It was nice to be back with all my toys and sleeping in my own crib again.



"Ah ... I don't think we are in Kansas any more"

Who knew there was an art easel in Western Kansas just for King Kong to use?

Learning to wave.

Riding the tractor with Daddy.

We finally made it to Estes Park

My first hike ... I think I'm going to like this.

Daddy's two beautiful girls.

I love my Mommy.

Pulling myself up for the first time ...

It's no big deal, it's really pretty easy ...

Unless you start out a little too far away.

Trying to help my Daddy navigate.

Enough pictures Daddy, can we go see the Lions, Tigers & Bears yet?

A deer in the headlights look.

A fox looking for dinner.

St. Catherine's church

A little chipmunk ... not sure if it's Alvin, Simon or Theordore.

You woke me up to bring me up here?

Is this cute enough Daddy ... I'm cold.

I Love my Daddy.

I'm done hiking for today ...

I'm hungry for a banana.

I love to feed myself.
View from my first hike.

Daddy and I in the park.

The elk eating lunch.

The elk standing in the river.

Playing in the swimming pool in Hays, KS.

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Ashley said...

Looks like you all had a blast. Way to get out there and introduce Catherine to hiking and the outdoors at an early age! Next up, backpacking and sleeping in a tent for a week!

Love Aunt Ashley in DC