Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of Pre-School

Hi world. I bet you thought that I'd forgotten about keeping you updated on my life. Well, you'd be half correct. Daddy says, this parenting thing takes a lot of time ... but I'm sure it's time well spent. Well today I started my first day at Pam's Pre-School. I'm so excited to get started and to learn even more. Plus I'll make a whole new group of friends and get to go to some really fun places. Thank you Fairy God Mother (Auntie Karen) for my beautiful new outfit for my first day. (Mommy took me and little sister to get our pictures taken in them last Friday, so look forward to those really cute pics). I even get to take George with me to Pam's. (Thank you Di-Di). Well, I'll try to do a better job of updating you all, but between playing Cinderella, looking for my Prince Charming and reading books to Elizabeth and George, I'm a busy girl.



Me, Little Sister (Elizabeth) and Brother (Monkey) George.
Is this the smile you are looking for Dad?
Heading into Pre-School for my first day.
My Pre-School teacher - Pam.


Joann Pomeroy said...

Hi Catherine, Thank you for letting us see you on your first day of Pam's Pre School. I am glad Daddy took time out from parenting to let us see. What a beautiful outfit you wore. It is so pretty and look so nice on you. I am glad George got to go with you. Did he enjoy Pre School as much as you? It is nice to see Elizabeth and how much she has grown---like you have grown. Tell Daddy and Mommy hello for us. I will look forward to up-date postings. Love, Aunt Joann and Uncle Glen

Emily said...

Fun stuff! Such a big girl already!

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